Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new life: a new smile for Valeria II

A couple of days ago I shared with you the story of Valeria, the little girl who is waiting for a new heart to live, to smile again. I asked for help and was overwhelmed by the incredible response. People from many countries started to collaborate in many different ways, donating, spreading the word and giving support to the family. It was beautiful to seeing how people can get together, taking a minute in their lives to think about someone else. Besides, it gave me hope in this critical situation. I feel full of energy to continue looking for help.

Now I have good news for you, ESSALUD the health institution that gives health care to Peruvian employees contacted Valeria´s family to let them know that they are going to cover the heart transplant surgery. So right know their only need is to raise money for the transportation to the US in an air ambulance, post surgery medicines and other expenses calculated around $200,000. This is much more manageable than the huge price tag that was needed before. Of this amount the family has reported raising $70 000 from donations made through COTA, various bank accounts set up to assist and different activities ( collections, parties, soccer tournaments, etc).

I would like to thank everyone who has helped Valeria’s cause in any way and hope that you will help us finish this task. There are still some expenses to cover but it is wonderful to know that she is going to have a new heart, a new smile and a new life .

My special thanks to all friends in Twitter to helping me with this challenge through your mentions, efforts and thoughts. We are working right now on this: Of special note and thanks goes to @KitMcConnell who has agreed to to match any NEW Twitter donation made before Friday midnight up to $5000. The donor page is HERE. Please let me know if you make your donation so we can keep track.
I will continue to update everyone about the progress of this effort to help this little girl.

Please find a moment to continue helping us in your own way to make Valeria´s little girl full fill of smiles. Our thoughts and prayers are with Valeria and her family as well as all those in need.

Update: Got word late last night that Valeria is on her way to Minnesota . Awesome News!!

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